The Alternative Gig Guide - TAGG

The very first TAGG produced the week I arrived back from Bali. My partner was Helmut Katterl of Richmond Recorders fame.

The back page is an ad for my head shop Hedonist from which TAGG was produced in the early days.

It was a time when discos were taking over every major pub which had been the main stages for live music around Australia and it was very difficult to find out when and if bands were playing.

Helmut had been hassling me for about a year to do something with me when in discussion one day we discovered we had very similar ideas, except his was a ring binder refill type concept.

I had been producing pocket sized tourist guides called 'The Visitor's Guide to Melbourne and Surrounding Areas' with my father and had also seen a need for music fans to find out where and what was happening.

I finally relented when he said he'd have everything under control by the time I got back from a mpreviously planned trip to Bali with friends Ray and Marl Shamray, Cathy Johnson and my missus of the time, Vivien.

When I arrived back Helmut had most things under way, he had organised Helene Fayman